Saving Money and Getting Organized with a Personal Planner

How a Personal Planner Can Help You Save Money

Getting organized is a helpful way to save money — and a personal planner can help you do just that. Most savvy consumers are super organized because they realize that it simplifies their lives and allows them to save money in the process. When you are disorganized you end up spending more money, mainly because you lose things and have to buy replacements. It’s also easy to get frustrated when you are disorganized, and you may compensate by overspending in order to feel better about yourself — which makes saving money even harder. If you’re wondering how a personal planner can solve these problems, read on…

A Personal Planner Is A Vital Tool

A personal planner isn’t just a luxury, it’s a tool that can help you get and stay organized. Rather than having dozens of small sticky notes cluttering your home and desk, you can contain all of the important information about your upcoming appointments and commitments in one convenient place. A personal planner can also help you with your goal of saving money, as many personal planners contain pages that will help you track your spending habits.

Organization Isn’t Always Cheap

If you decide to go shopping for a personal planner, don’t get taken back by sticker shock. Personal planners can be very expensive. It is easy to spend $100 or more on a quality planner, and it’s not easy to find a comprehensive personal planner for less than $35. While personal planners can be expensive, it’s important to remember that buying a personal planner is one of the best investments you can make. Considering the amount of time and money you can save by using a personal planner, your purchase can more than pay for itself within the first few months of use.

Buying it Is Only Half the Battle

The act of simply buying a personal planner isn’t going to solve your organization problems and it won’t help you save any money. If you want your personal planner to work for you, you have to use it.

Take your personal planner with you everywhere you go. Don’t leave home without it. Write down any important information, such as your next dentist appointment, directly into the planner the moment you are made aware of it. Review your planner at the beginning of the week and the first thing each and every morning so you know of any upcoming bills or appointments. If you miss a doctor’s appointment, you may be billed anyway. That’s akin to throwing away money, so you’ll want to make sure all appointments are written into your personal planner promptly.

The Early Bird Isn’t Always The One With The Worm

If you think you should wait till 2007 to buy a personal planner, think again. Many personal planners are refillable with each consecutive year. Since 2006 personal planners are probably on clearance, you can get a really good deal on the whole enchilada and then just buy the refill for 2007. Some savvy shoppers have been able to save up to eighty percent off the purchase price of a personal planner by shopping for one this way. Remember, it’s never to soon to start getting organized, so get your personal planner the next time you’re running by an office supply store.