Saving Money on Calendars, Part I

Here are a few ways of saving money on calendars that you may not have thought of!

Have you ever considered the possibility of saving money on calendars? Admittedly, at first glance this might seem like a negligible way to save money; but then again, saving a few bucks here and there can make a real difference.

For instance, it could determine whether your next vacation is the cruise of a lifetime, or a quick camping trip to the nearest KOA.

Not that there’s anything wrong with camping… but unless there are bears involved, it usually lacks that zing of basking in the tropical sun, sipping cool drinks on the fantail while dolphins cavort off the starboard bow. If you know what I mean. So in this two-part article, we’ll take a look at your calendrical options.

The Annual Round

I don’t know about you, but I like to keep multiple calendars around the house. Stocking up can run into a few dozen bucks every year, since a decent calendar usually goes for $10 or more — especially if you get one of those really cute ones with pictures of kittens or Pomeranians.

Now, a few dozen dollars isn’t a huge sum, but it may be worth a few hours on deck come vacation time.

You’ve got several options here. First of all, never forget that there are certain constants in our calendar: seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, and either 365 or 366 days total (can’t forget the leap years). That means that the calendar repeats regularly, which means that wall calendars are reusable.

What’s All This Now?

You usually don’t have to look too far to find a past year that starts on the same weekday and has the same number of days as the current year. In fact, here’s a site where you can calculate other years that have the same layout as your current year, whatever that year may be:

For example, 2011 has the same basic layout as the years 1994 and 2005. With a little effort and ingenuity, you may be able to find an appropriate calendar from one of those years selling for a few bucks on eBay.

It’ll be fun and retro to hang on your wall, and all you have to do is change a few of the movable holidays like Easter and Memorial Day.

In Our Next Exciting Episode…

I’ll bet you never thought being frugal with calendars could be so promising, did you? It’s so promising, in fact, that we can’t fit all we have to say about it into just one article. All of the above is just a start. For additional great ideas be sure to read part 2 for more slick ways of saving money on calendars!