Saving Money with Buy-One-Get-One Sales

Saving Money at the Grocery Store Just Got Easier

Let’s face it — you can never have too much money and most of us don’t have enough. If you want to make your dollar stretch further, you need to save wherever you can. But that’s why you came here, right? We’ve talked about coupons, we’ve talked about savings clubs — now let’s talk about another top way to cut your grocery bills in half. Buy-one-get-one free sales, also known as BOGO sales, make saving money at the grocery store checkout as easy as pie (or two pies if you’re lucky).

Not All BOGOs Are Created Equal

It is important to remember that not all BOGO sales are created equal. There are essentially two ways that stores run BOGO promotions. When some stores offer BOGO promotions, the sale item actually scans at half price. If that is the case, the customer does not really need to buy two items to qualify for the lower price. They can simply buy one item at half price. If you don’t really need two of the item in question, you could only buy one and still get the benefit of the sale savings.

With other stores, the first item purchased scans at full price, and the second item scans at zero dollars. In this instance, you’d need to buy two of the item to get the benefit of the sale.

The key to taking full advantage of a BOGO promotion and saving money involves knowing your grocery store’s policy. Take a look at an old receipt to see if you can determine how your store runs BOGO promotions. If there are no BOGO items on your receipt, ask at the customer service counter the next time you are in the grocery store. They should be able to tell you exactly how the BOGO promotions are calculated.

Double Up On Savings

Keep in mind that many stores allow customers to use coupons for BOGO items. Saving money is easy when you combine a store’s BOGO promotion with manufacturer coupons. If you have two coupons each for $1.00 off an item, and that item is on sale, you can use both if your store allows it. Since one item is already free, you will get $2.00 off the price of the item you “purchased.” Keep in mind that any item that is on your receipt counts as a “purchase.” If your store is offering a BOGO promotion they are doing so to lure customers into their store. Any manufacturer coupons you use on BOGO items will be reimbursed by the manufacturer because the store “sold” you two items. Essentially, if your receipt shows two items, you purchased two items. Savvy shoppers know how to combine coupons and store sales for double the savings.