Savvy Consumers and Oil Changes

Do Savvy Consumers Change Their Own Oil?

Being a savvy consumer means being attentive to those little details that many consumers often overlook. I’ve talked to you before about the importance of car maintenance and those ever-important routine oil changes. Today, I’m going to explain a lot more about oil changes and provide you with some tips to continue to be that savvy consumer that has become such a big part of your personality.

The 3,000-Mile Mark — To Change or Not to Change?

Savvy consumers may be thinking that changing your car oil every 3,000 miles is scam perpetuated by the automotive industry. They often draw the comparison between the United States and Europe. In Europe, it is common practice to change your car oil only one or twice a year. The Europeans will simply put an extra quart of oil into the car as needed and keep driving. This logic does have some truth to it. The car will not stop if the oil is not changed every 3,000 miles, and the Europeans claim that major engine damage will not occur. That being said, however, you can’t run your car for 10,000 miles without changing the oil either. Oil won’t protect your parts indefinitely. You do need to change it eventually.

The Other Side of the Coin

One advantage of changing your oil every 3,000 miles is that your engine will run more efficiently. If you car is running more efficiently, then better gas mileage will be a byproduct. This will save you dollars off your monthly gas budget. The oil change will basically pay for itself. So be a savvy consumer and don’t neglect those oil changes.

An Oil By Any Other Name?

Now, not all oil changes are equal. There are plenty of quick lube places to change your oil in the United States. However, unless you are good friends with the workers, I would not recommend using their services. For one reason, they may not be aware of the exact type of oil recommend for your car according to your owner’s manual. Another reason is that they may not wait long enough for your engine to completely drain all off the bad oil because they try to process a high volume of customers. The reason is simply that they want to get customers in and out of there as fast as possible, and customers like this speed too. Be a savvy consumer and be patient with your oil changes. Schedule them at a time that is convenient for your schedule, and pick a place that doesn’t rush customers in and out.

It Doesn’t Pay

Unless you have love car repairs, changing you own oil is out of the question. It will be messy and you must follow EPA procedures. Also, unless you are knowledgeable you can end up doing damage and drain your transmission fluid rather than the oil. Being a savvy consumer sometimes means leaving difficult jobs to the professionals.