Savvy Consumers are Always Prepared

Find Out What Savvy Consumers Do to Save Money On-the-Go

Savvy consumers prepare for events before leaving the house. If you want to tighten your wallet and benefit from the tips that savvy consumers can offer, read more.

Why Pack Light?

Savvy consumers leave home armed with all the essentials that they can possibly need. A well stocked-purse, diaper bag, or backpack can save you money in the long run. When deciding what to pack, try to anticipate what types of items you will need. Food is always a big one. Carry snacks with you so you can avoid the lure of vending machines. Crackers, trail mix, or portable fruit such as bananas are good choices. Slip a bottled water into your bag too. Vending machines charge $1.00 or more for one bottled water.

Plan for the Weather

Make sure you keep a portable umbrella in your purse or at least check the weather forecast so you will know if you will need one. Being caught without an umbrella is certainly not fun, but obviously if you caught in the rain your first impulse is going to be to buy a new umbrella. While I’m all for convenience, I think convenience items are best utilized by those individuals who are willing to pay for those conveniences. Savvy consumers don’t pay for new items when they have them at home because they make sure to bring those needed items along and are never caught empty-handed.

Dress Right

A pack of tissues and hand sanitizer are also two good choices that savvy consumers keep in their purses. Lip balm and a small tube of hand moisturizer are also necessities. It’s always a good idea to keep a change of clothing in your car. Aim for something comfortable and versatile such as a pair of jeans and cotton shirt. If you spill something on your outfit, you will have a change of clothes and not have to buy an item to make it through the day.

The above secrets of savvy consumers can help you get through a busy day away from home without spending extra money unnecessarily.