September is the Perfect Time for Clothing Donations

Clothing Donations Help Those in Need

If you have any unused coats, gloves, and boots lying around the house, you may want to think about clearing out your closets. September is the perfect time of year to donate your unused clothing and clothing donations are welcomed by charities that provide needed clothing to families experiencing hardships.

Cold Weather Is Headed Our Way

This time of the year, more than ever, families who have been experiencing a bout of bad luck really rely on the generosity of others, especially with the cold winter months approaching. Keep in mind that charitable giving is tax deductible and clothing donations are often included in that category. Because of this, when making clothing donations, you should save your receipts for next April when you file your taxes.

No-Hassle Giving

Donating clothing is relatively easy to do. Ask around your community to see if any organizations are running clothing drives for charity. You should be able to find a few worthy organizations that are in need of your unused clothing and will appreciate any donations you can make.

Take a look through your closets to see what available clothing you have to donate. You might be surprised to find long forgotten items at the back of your closet that you’ve never even worn. Another great way to donate clothing to charity is to shop the after-Christmas sales. Oftentimes, you can get 75% or more off the retail price. When you ask for a receipt from the charity you are donating the item to, get a receipt for the full retail value since the coat hasn’t even been worn yet.

Try to do some fall cleaning on the weekend and see how many unused coats and winter accessories you have in your closets. Then, find a charitable organization that is in need of clothing donations. Your clothing donations will be helping needy families, and you will at least receive a tax break for your generosity along with the warm fuzzy feeling you get when helping those in need.