Shop Now and Get the Cheapest Airfare for the Holidays

Be ahead of the game and get the cheapest airfare

Yes, it seems way too early to begin worrying about getting the cheapest airfare for your flight home for the holidays. But is it? Isn’t it always best to wait until the last minute and snap up those deals the airlines make to fill the planes? Not this year. Keep reading to find out why.

Cheapest airfare tips

To get the cheapest airfare tickets, we’ve been trained to wait until the last minute. This is how it has worked for years. At the last minute, airlines scramble to fill the planes so they make a profit off the flight. Not so this year. Due to the economy, many airlines have cut the number of flights offered. This means there will be fewer seats available and if you wait, you will have to pay premium price to get one – if you get one at all.

Cheap Thanksgiving airfare tickets

This year to get the cheapest airfare home for the holidays, start searching now. If you plan on a trip home for Thanksgiving, the cheapest possible date will be on Thanksgiving morning. If that’s a little late for you, the next cheapest option is the Saturday, Monday, or Tuesday before Turkey day. The most expensive day you can choose to fly home for Thanksgiving is the day before. This will cost you up to four times as much as the other dates.

For your return home after Thanksgiving, your cheapest airfare flights will be either Thanksgiving evening or the Saturday or Monday after. If you try to fly home the Sunday after Thanksgiving, not only will you have to battle crushing crowds and long security lines, the ticket will cost you four times the price of the other days.

Cheap Christmas airfare tickets

Your absolute cheapest ticket for going home for Christmas will be on…you guessed it — Christmas Day. If you can’t deal with flying on Christmas Day, the next best option is for the Monday and Tuesday before Christmas.

Your return flight after the holiday will be cheapest on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, or New Year’s Day. The next cheapest option is the Monday or Tuesday after New Years. If you insist on traveling home for Christmas on the Sunday or Wednesday before Christmas or returning the Sunday after New Year’s, once again, expect to pay four times as much for your tickets.

Now, some of these dates don’t sound so great. Look on the bright side. If you put a little thought into it, and change up your holiday plans just a little bit, you could save a lot of money. Start a new holiday tradition, travel during off times and reap the benefits of getting the cheapest airfare.