Shopping for Groceries When You Live Solo

Tips for Not Overspending on Groceries

It’s difficult for singles to not blow their whole budget when they buy groceries. Shopping for groceries when you live solo can really be difficult. Single-serve portions are overpriced, yet it’s sometimes difficult to finish an entire package of any product before it expires. If you’re single and you need some help sticking to a reasonable budget when you shop for groceries, the suggestions below will surely be helpful.

Put On Your Walking Shoes

One easy way to limit the amount of food you buy at the grocery store is to walk to the grocery store. That’s right. You heard me correctly. If you are within walking distance of a grocery store (perhaps it’s a mile away, as long as you don’t have to cross any dangerous roads, make an effort to walk there. Go equipped with a backpack to hold all your groceries for the walk back. The real benefit of walking to the grocery store is that it forces you to prioritize.

When you expend a lot of energy getting to the grocery store and know that you will have to carry all your groceries back home, you begin to appreciate every single item you purchase. You are forced to prioritize (in a good way). You don’t want to load up your cart with unhealthy choices because you want to get the most out of your shopping trip. And you definitely will need to pick one of the handheld grocery carriers, because if the items you buy don’t fit in there, they certainly won’t fit in your backpack on your return trip home.

Split The Expense

If you have a roommate, see if you can buy a larger portion of certain products and split the cost. This will help eliminate you wasting too many groceries. If you don’t have anyone to share the larger-sized items with, just buy the size you know you can consume before the expiration date. If you buy a large item just because the cost-per-unit is better, you will end up wasting too much food. Your refrigerator will be cluttered with large items and eventually it will be difficult for you to determine exactly what you have in there, which can lead to waste.

If you do cook complete meals, freeze the extra portions.

As you can see, there are some easy tips you can follow when shopping for groceries that will help eliminate you overspending and wasting too much money.