Shopping Secrets of Savvy Consumers

Four Money-Saving Tips from Savvy Consumers

There are many things that savvy consumers know they should do regularly and these things are one of the reasons why it seems they are able to live champagne lifestyles on a beer budget. If you are interested in making your dollars go further too, the following tips that savvy consumers use will be very helpful for you.

You Spent How Much on What?

Savvy consumers prepare their own coffee. Purchasing a thermal reusable coffee mug and filling it up at home can be a great way to save money. You can even splurge on a gourmet coffee when you make it at home because the savings is that substantial. Starbucks and Newman’s Own Organic are good choices. Not only will you save money by making your own coffee at home, but you will also save time in the morning by not having to make an extra stop for coffee.

Do It Yourself

Another great way savvy consumers save money at the supermarket is to avoid buying precut carrots. Precut carrots and nearly all precut vegetables are very expensive. It is much more cost effective to purchase carrots and cut them yourself. Simply cut several carrots so you have enough prepared for two or three days of lunches and snacks.

You SHOULD Cry Over Spilt Milk

Pay attention to the quantity of milk that you consume. Savvy consumers rarely waste money unnecessarily. If you find that you always have milk remaining by the expiration date, consider purchasing a smaller size. If you normally purchase a gallon size, try buying just a half gallon. If you normally purchase a half gallon, purchase a quart of milk the next time you need it. Consider buying a dry creamer if you only use milk for your morning coffee. This will save you money from inevitably having to throw away spoiled milk.

Why Pay for Convenience?

Make sure you buy blocks of cheese instead of shredded cheese. Shredded cheese is very expensive, and savvy consumers avoid this high-priced convenience food. If you buy blocks of cheese, you can shred the cheese you need a day in advance. That way it will be convenient when you need it.

Hopefully, you’ll find that the above tips can keep more money in your pocketbook each month. If you practice the above tips savvy consumers use, you will probably be surprised to see the savings add up.