Should You Send Your Child to Summer School?

The Summer School Debate

It used to be that summer school was just for the kids who needed some extra help in their academics. However, the stigma that used to be associated with summer school is no longer an issue. Nowadays summer school is for the over-achievers as well as it is for those who need a little extra help. The question is, is summer school really a good idea for your child?

Whatever Happened to the Lazy Days of Summer?

Many parents are opting to send their children to summer school during summer vacation, but is this really a good idea? I remember how I used to look forward to summer break — the days of waking up late, lounging by the pool, playing summer sports with friends, and of course the occasional out-of-town trip. After all, as a child you work hard all year to keep your grades up in school, don’t you deserve some time to relax when the school year ends?

A Matter of Personality and Preference

So do I think that summer school is a bad idea? Not necessarily. It really depends on the personality and needs of your child. I have three children — each with very distinct personalities and the way I look at summer school for each of my children is largely determined by their needs and their personality traits.

My eldest child does well in school and is very into sports. However, sending him to summer school during his summer vacation would seem more like a torture sentence to him than a way of keeping him busy during the summer months. He’d much rather be playing on sports teams, hanging out with friends and shooting hoops at home. So for him, I’d definitely say summer school is a big no.

However, my middle child struggled with schoolwork this year and I’m concerned about how he’s going to adapt to the next grade next year in school. Because of this, I think it may be important for him to attend summer school in order to improve on his academic weaknesses. So for him, summer school is a definite probability.

The bottom line is this — if your child wants to go or needs to go to summer school, definitely send them. However, if your child would rather be at home, out with friends, or participating in non-summer school activities, then maybe you should abide by his or her wishes. After all, you’re only young once and when you grow up, the idea of a two or three-month vacation is something most of us can only dream of.