Should Your Child Be in a Booster Seat?

A Booster Seat Isn’t Always Optional

Your child is 7 years old so there’s absolutely no reason why he or she should be strapped into a booster seat — right? Wrong! While it may surprise you, many states are now requiring that children be strapped into a booster seat until they are eight or nine years old. Are you protecting your child to the best of your ability?

Safety Comes First

At first, you may think it’s silly to strap an seven, eight or even nine year old into a booster seat, but if it makes the difference between life and death, shouldn’t you be safe rather than sorry?

The government isn’t insisting on these booster seat rules for their own amusement. They’re doing it because research shows that if a child is under 4 feet 9 inches, they’re at risk of being seriously injured in a car accident if they’re not safely strapped into a booster seat. In fact, children who are moved out of a booster seat before they reach that height are four times as likely to have a serious head injury.

To make sure your child is safe, strap them into a booster seat if they’re under the recommended height or under the age requirements of your state.