Slash Your Heating Bill with these 4 Easy Tips

Lowering your heating bill is a snap once you know these tips

If you’re tired of paying huge heating bills but don’t want to sacrifice staying warm this winter, you don’t have to. These 4 tips will help with heating bills and you won’t have to freeze.

Tip #1 — Install a Programmable Thermostat

You have good intentions to lower your thermostat when you go to bed or leave the house for work, but it just doesn’t always work out that way. To lower your home heating bill and keep from heating your empty home all day, install a programmable thermostat.

This inexpensive device saves a great deal of money over the year and most home improvement stores have classes during the year showing you how to install them. Check with your local store to see when the next class is scheduled.

Tip #2 — Heat Only the Rooms You Need

This tip is for those of you who no longer have a house full of kids. Instead of heating your entire home with your central unit, buy a small space heater and heat only the rooms you use. There’s no sense in heating an empty dining room, so close off any rooms you can and use small heaters to keep them warm.

Tip #3 — Do Some Window Work

Even during the winter, the sun still shines. Take advantage of this warmth by opening your curtains and letting the heat from the sun warm your rooms.

Check your curtains to see if they cover the area where the window meets the frame. By having curtains that cover this area, it will stop drafts from coming in.

Check both the interior and exterior caulking around your windows. This is another good place for cold air to seep into your home.

Tip #4 — Start Stripping – Weather Stripping That Is!

Of course, after you do all your weather stripping, you may be able to start stripping off some of your layers of clothing because your home should stay warmer and be much more comfortable.

Check the weather stripping around all your exterior doors and all of your windows. If the stripping is cracked or even missing, replace it immediately. This will save you money in both the winter and the summer.

Don’t let your heating bill send you to the poor house and don’t freeze through another winter. Instead, try these tips and watch your heating bill go down and your savings go up.