Some Great Resources For Home Business Owners

How To Get Big Corporation Tools At Home Business Prices

I frequently find myself talking to (or emailing) home business owners who want the same tools and conveniences big businesses have, but they just don’t have the budget. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I am able to help these home business owners find what they’re looking for at a price they can afford. If you run a home business, here are some resources you may want to look into.

A Phone System

Nothing seems less professional to a client than having them call your home and having a ten-year old pick up or having to listen to an answering machine explaining that you and your family can’t come to the phone. If you want to avoid this, get yourself a professional telephone system. Think you can’t afford it? Guess again. allows home business owners to get a virtual call center that will make it seem as though their business is much bigger. While they do offer plans as low as $9.99, I highly recommend the $29.99 a month plan.

Printing Needs

For home office printing needs, I usually suggest You can get business cards, corporate folders, postcards, letterhead, etc. Their prices are awesome and the quality is great. If you catch them when they’re running a sale, you can save more than fifty percent off their already-low prices.