Some Tips You Can’t Live Without if You Want to Save Money on Hotel Stays

Save Serious Money On Hotel Stays

Seriously, who doesn’t want to save money on hotel stays? I mean, you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for lodging but the Roach Motel isn’t exactly high on your list of places to see. How do you get comfortable accommodations without breaking the bank? Here are some tips to help with this dilemma…

Expand Your Horizons

You may be visiting a major city, but the surrounding suburbs may be a better choice for lodging. For example, staying in Chicago can cost hundreds of dollars per night if you want a decent hotel room. If you stay in one of Chicago’s nicer northern suburbs (Vernon Hills, for instance) you can get a room for well under $100 per night.

Do some research on the city you’ll be visiting and look into surrounding areas. You could potentially save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars by booking your accommodations outside of city limits.

Use Discount Benefits

Do you subscribe to the Entertainment Book? How about AAA? You could be entitled to travel discounts you’re not taking advantage of. We checked out rates at the Hotel Indigo near Chicago and saw that rooms were about $90 per night. When using our Entertainment Membership Card benefits, however, we were able to book accommodations for $72 per night.

That move alone would save us $90 on a five-night stay. That’s a pretty nice dinner for two. Always check to see if you’re entitled to special discounts whenever booking lodging at hotels and resorts. If you don’t, it’s like throwing money right out the window.

Remember, saving money on hotels isn’t always about comparing websites or calling the front desk for special deals and rates. Sometimes all you need is the time to examine all of your options and resources, leaving no stone unturned when looking for ways to save money on hotel stays.