Sox Appeal: New Uses for Old Socks

Just because that sock’s a little worn and stretched out doesn’t mean you should toss it. There are many clever uses for old socks

As with just about anything, you can find plenty of alternate uses for old socks if you’ll just put your mind to it. In a recent article, we told you how you can use old cotton socks to make wicks for soda can emergency lamps, which is kind of cool. But that’s just the beginning for socks you’ve otherwise worn to a frazzle.

Give ‘Em a Hand

In cold parts of the world, mittens are standard gear for playing in the snow. In warmer climates, though, most of us don’t have mittens. Old socks work as a great stand-in, especially for kids eager to build that once-in-a-lifetime snowman.

Your Humble Writer fondly remembers venturing out into rare southern snowfalls wearing sock mittens.

Otherwise, they do a fine job as mitts for polishing silver or for cleaning, including spreading furniture polish. You can just spray or rub the chemicals right on the socks and get going, especially if you’re wearing rubber gloves underneath.

Fore, and More

Old socks also make great covers for golf clubs, when you don’t want to buy those silly tasseled covers that some golfers use. (Let your buddies think you’re cheap. Who cares?). Or, you can use them to cover your oiled tools and parts in the garage, to further limit exposure to corrosion.

If you’re moving, you can also put old socks to use when packing bottles, glasses, and mugs. Just slip them right over the relevant item to add another layer of protection from breakage.

A Few More Uses

Here are some more creatively frugal ways to use your old droopy socks:

– As pet toys. Fill them with stuffing and, in kitty’s case, a sprinkle of catnip. Or for the doggies, stuff a tennis ball into the toe end and tie it off.
– As ice packs.
– As heat packs: fill a sock with dry beans, and pop it in the microwave for a minute.
– As storage cases for underwear, socks, and other small items in your luggage.
– As knitting needle cases.
– As cases for small toys and game pieces.
– As hair scrunchies.
– As bath mitts.
– As stuffing in toys and pillows.
– As shoe protectors when painting or remodeling.
– As doll clothing (great for sheath dresses).
– As raw material for a rag rug.

As you can see, the possibilities are just about endless, assuming you’re willing to put some thought into it and don’t mind other people rolling their eyes a little. So: what uses for old socks have we missed?