Spam: Conquering the Nightmare

What to Do About Spam

Each and every day you’re getting an inbox filled with soliciting emails you don’t want and you never asked for. You thought that there was a law against spam, but now you’re not so sure. After all, how can these companies continue to spam you if there’s a law against it? Believe it or not, spam is a big Internet no-no, but you have to know how to report it if you want to do anything about it.

Reporting Unsolicited Emails

Unsolicited emails, also known as spam find their way into millions of email inboxes each and every day. The difference between the companies that get away with it and the companies that don’t is who gets reported and who doesn’t. If you want to put an end to the spam you’re receiving, you’re going to want to report the sender of the spam to their ISP.

The easiest way to report spam is to use a program such as SpamCop. Programs like this will not only help you report spam quickly and effectively, but it will help you block spam from getting to your inbox in the first place.

Visit the SpamCop website to start reporting and blocking spam today.