Start a Christmas Club for Christmas 2007

Discover the Benefits of Having a Christmas Club

With Christmas approaching, you might want to start thinking about starting a Christmas club for next Christmas. Yes, that’s right, it’s a great time to start thinking about next Christmas. Christmas is so close that if you haven’t already set aside money for Christmas, you will probably resort to using your handy credit cards. But now is the perfect time to start thinking about setting up a Christmas club for next year.

Why Start a Christmas Club?

A Christmas club is a great way to set aside money for Christmas presents on a monthly basis and have enough money for Christmas the following year. You probably won’t miss the few dollars that you will set aside on a weekly basis. When December finally comes, you will have enough money set aside to cover all the Christmas gifts you need to buy. You will get a small amount of interest on your Christmas club too. Starting a Christmas club is easy and can be done on your next trip to the bank.

One For Each Child

Another great idea is to open up a Christmas club for each of your children. You can make regular deposits into each Christmas club account, and you can also encourage your children to save some money in the account as well. It is a great way to teach them about saving and the value of a dollar. At Christmas time, they will have their own money to spend on Christmas gifts for you and other relatives. A Christmas club is also a great gift to start for a niece, nephew, or godchild.

Special Incentives

Some department stores offer incentives to customers who cash their Christmas club checks at their stores. By taking your Christmas club check to a certain store, you might qualify for a bonus of perhaps 5% of your total check. A Christmas club is really a great way to keep consumers from going over budget with their Christmas shopping.

A Wonderful Way To Shop

Many consumers are incredibly happy with how convenient a Christmas club is. The Christmas shopping season is so much easier when you have a designated amount of money set aside for purchasing gifts. If you have never had a Christmas club before, go ahead and start one soon for next year’s Christmas season.