Summer Fun that Won’t Break the Bank

Have You Had Any Free Summer Fun Recently?

When you’re looking for summer fun for you and your family, it can be all too easy to overlook the free things to do. Summer is coming, and there are many free ways to have fun. The following summer fun options, designed mostly for kids, are enjoyable and cost effective to boot.

Old Summer Made New

Let’s face it, there are many games and activities that today’s children do not play or might not even know about. Today’s children don’t spend the same amount of time outdoors that other generations did.

Today spending hours on the computer is all too common. Hopscotch seems like a lost art, yet all it takes is some inexpensive chalk and a few kids. Jump rope is another great outdoor activity that can pass the time away.

Outdoor games like jacks and pick-up sticks are low-cost summer fun options that are great to play when the weather permits. Many kids nowadays have never even played or heard of these terrific games before.

A Meal Outdoors

Picnics are perhaps one of the best summer fun options. Pack a picnic basket with finger foods and cold beverages. Find a nice location and spend a few leisurely hours eating and relaxing outdoors. The more people you invite the more fun you’ll have.

Toasting marshmallows is another great outdoor activity during the summer time. On rainy days, you can make smores in your microwave.

Fun Doesn’t Have To Cost You

When we think of entertainment we are so conditioned to think of costly video or computer games. While those options can be enjoyable, it’s important not to let technology take over your life.

Try to schedule a period of time, perhaps one week, where your family doesn’t watch television, play on the computer, or do anything involving electronics. Plan some free summer fun as described above and enjoy each other’s company while saving money at the same time.