Super, Simple Christmas Savings

You can exercise your Christmas savings muscles without going all Scrooge on the world. Here’s how

For many people, the concept of “Christmas savings” means putting money aside in a special bank account so you can buy gifts when the holidays roll around. That’s a good idea, but we’ve got a few ways you can save money on the fly during Yuletide.

These are easy little ways to save a buck here and there, so you can put a few more toys under the tree when Santa comes calling. Or a few more coals in the stocking; your choice.

Clip It

Do you really have to pay a buck or two for a tiny package of cheesy wire hooks to hold your ornaments on the tree? Of course not. Use paperclips instead: they’re heavier-gauge, and will last a lot longer without coming loose or breaking.

If you can’t “borrow” some from the office, buy a package at the dollar store. They cost about the same as official ornament hooks, and typically even a small package will contain a lot more paperclips. And hey, you can actually use the leftovers for their intended purpose: making really cool paperclip chains.

Wrap It

Wrapping paper can be a pain to use, because you have to cut constantly… and for most of us, it’s impossible to cut it straight. If you’re good at this, just know that there are people who aren’t, and they really envy you and your special ability.

One way to make it easier is to save your aluminum foil boxes and put your small wrapping paper rolls inside. That way you can use that snazzy built-in cutter to easily and neatly tear off wrapping paper for small packages. You may have to cut down the roll to make it fit in the box, of course.

Oh, and if you want some fancy wrappings for your Christmas presents? Use the foil itself. It’s cool-looking, even if it’s kind of expensive (though no more so than some fancy wrapping paper). Plus, you can recycle it with ease.

Send It

Here’s how you can save cash on those pricy Christmas cards: recycle old ones by carefully cutting off the front halves and reusing them as X-mas postcards. When you need a card for that special someone, all you need to do is write your message on the blank side, slap on a stamp, and stick it in the mail.

And remember, you won’t have to use as much postage in this format. The postcard rate is substantially less than first class postage, offering even more savings.

End It

These are just a few of the ways that a savvy consumer can save cash during the holiday season. Put ’em in play, and the Christmas savings will be noticeable!