The Alli Diet Pill: What’s the Real Deal?

What You Need to Know Before Splurging on Alli

It seems that every time a magical pill hits the weight loss market everyone jumps on the bandwagon in hopes of finally finding a method for fast and easy weight loss. The Alli phenomena is no different. However, before you run out and buy the Alli starter kit, there are a few things you need to understand.

It’s Not Just a Pill

The Alli diet pill won’t work without some effort on your part and before you go shelling out $50 or $60 for the starter kit, you need to understand that you’re going to have to make dietary changes too. In fact, if you don’t make the recommended dietary changes when taking Alli, you may suffer some embarrassing consequences.

What is Alli?

To put it in the most basic of terms, Alli is a fat blocker. When you eat food that contains fat, Alli prevents your body from absorbing about 25 percent of the fat you’ve consumed.

However, the Alli approach means reducing the amount of fat you consume and exercising in addition to taking the Alli pills. So yes, you do have to diet when taking Alli. When taking Alli, you need to keep your fat consumption down to less than 15 grams per meal.

Breaking the Rules

With the average diet, if you break the rules and overindulge, you feel regret, embarrassment and a few other self-esteem problems. Then you get over it and get back on track. With Alli, if you break the rules and consume too much fat, you’re going to have a problem. To put it politely, you’ll need to wear dark pants if you overindulge while taking Alli.

If you consume too much fat while taking Alli, you’ll have what the makers of the pill call “treatment effects” which basically is a real nice word for painful, gut-wrenching diarrhea. If you have no willpower when it comes to high-fat foods and you don’t like the idea of wearing a diaper, Alli isn’t for you.

For Those With Willpower

Alli can be a powerful tool if used properly. If you can keep your fat intake to less than 15 grams per day and are able to stick to your guns, then Alli can help you lose weight 50 percent faster. This means that if you were to just reduce your fat intake alone and you lose 10 pounds, doing it with Alli will enable you to lose 15 instead of just 10. In my book, every pound counts and if you can use Alli the right way, then it’s definitely worth looking into.