The Amazon Kindle: The Next Generation In Electronic Media

Have You Heard of the Amazon Kindle?

Why is the Amazon Kindle such a hot commodity — and what exactly is it? Proponents of e-books have had their efforts to eliminate print media stymied by the unwieldiness of lugging around a laptop computer or the inconvenience of reading pages on a PDA. With the introduction of the Amazon Kindle, the online book-selling giant has brought forth a new way to read books that is more appealing to those who cannot fathom giving up the printed and bound versions.

The iPod Of The Book World

If you are an avid reader, electronic book delivery methods may seem like an ideal that is far from becoming a reality as convenient as a paperback novel. Now, imagine that you can hold in your hand a portable, lightweight, user-friendly device that can hold 200 book titles, downloading each of them in less than a minute with its wireless connectivity.

The high-resolution interface is designed to mimic a sheet of paper more so than a typical computer screen, giving those who would prefer a hardcopy novel an extra sense of familiarity. And, for digi-phobes who worry about battery life (something that is not an issue with a printed book!), rest assured that the Kindle has an exceptionally long battery life (up to a week for reading-only use), and recharges in two hours.

The Bad News

Sound too good to be true? The catch is the price. At $359, the Amazon Kindle may seem like an expensive way to read a book, but many avid readers will find the convenience to be invaluable. Books purchased via Amazon using the Kindle are slightly cheaper than their paperback versions, are readily accessible (no waiting for the mail to come!). Not to mention you save a tree when you read a book on your Kindle!

A Library In Your Luggage

Don’t think your favorite novel is available on the Kindle? A visit to Amazon reveals that over 145,000 titles, including New York Times best sellers and major American and international newspapers, can be purchased. If you aren’t sure if you want to read a book, you can download a preview to help you make your decision.

Think about the sheer volume of books and paper that you would need to carry around to be able to read so many titles and newspapers all in once place – the burden would be staggering. It seems the Amazon Kindle can save your back, your time and a tree all in one shot!