The Benefits of Fish Oil without the Dangers of Fish

How to Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Fish Oil

The USDA’s food pyramid recommends that you eat three fish that are very high in mercury. Why would they be doing this? Because of the fish oil that the fish contain. But how can you get the benefits of the fish oil without the mercury contained in the fish?

A Slight Oversight

When the USDA created the food pyramid and recommended eating the three fish, they admit that they didn’t take pregnant or nursing women into account, nor were they thinking about what such high levels of mercury would do to a child. They were just looking at the health benefits the fish oil offered the public.

The Best of Both Worlds

If you want the benefits of fish oil without the negative side effects of the mercury that would be ingested by eating the fish, you should look into taking pharmaceutical grade fish oil pills on a regular basis. The fish oil in these pills is refined, so the toxins are removed, but all of the benefits of the fish oil remain, making it the ideal solution.

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