The Dark Side of Car Dealership Fees

Don’t Pay Unnecessary Car Dealership Fees!

It appears that car dealership fees have been getting out of hand lately. Some surreptitious car dealerships have been taking creative license and “inventing” allegedly required fees. Before you buy another car, you need to read more about car dealership fees so you can be fully prepared to tell the dealership why you’re not going to pay them.

The Environmental Fee

The latest car dealership fee that has been invented by sneaky car dealers is the “environmental fee.” Some dealerships claim that this fee is government mandated, but it’s actually not. Essentially, greedy car dealers are hiding behind the mentality “the government requires it” in order to find a way to take more money out of a car-buyer’s pocket.

The Transportation Fee

Sometimes car dealers add on a “transportation” fee to their invoice. That’s fine and dandy since car dealers do indeed have to pay to transport the cars to the dealership. However, sometimes car dealerships include the costs of transporting the car in the MSRP and then try to charge it again. Make sure you’re only paying for transportation once before agreeing to any car transportation fee.

Dealer Prep

The dealer prep fee is another car dealership fee that is absolutely ridiculous. You’re buying a car, why in the world should you have to pay the dealer to spruce it up before they give it to you? If you see a dealer prep fee on the paperwork, demand it be taken off. If they say they can’t, tell them that if they don’t, you’ll go buy a car from a dealership that doesn’t charge such a ridiculous fee. You’ll be surprised how quickly their tune changes.

In order to avoid being charged unnecessary car dealership fees, you need to challenge each and every add-on fee you come across. As many as half of these fees may actually be nonsense. Buying a car is not the time to worry about hurting someone’s feelings or being agreeable. Any time you are making a large purchase you need to be sure you are getting your money’s worth and that you are not being charged for needless car dealership fees. You will end up with more money in your pocket if you are an observant and conscientious consumer.