The Ever-Elusive Affordable Haircuts

A Beauty School Can Be a Great Place for Affordable Haircuts

If you want to save money on beauty services such as haircuts you aren’t limited to cutting every family member’s by yourself, which can be a good thing. If you aren’t good with a pair of scissors, your preteen or spouse will thank you for looking for other cost-saving haircut options.

Affordable Haircuts Don’t Have to Look Cheap

Salon haircuts can be quite expensive. Low-cost salons aren’t always a good option either. Usually they make money by handling a high volume of haircuts each day so the maximum time a stylist will spend on your haircut is going to be minimal.

If you have a beauty training school or vocational school in your area, you might want to give them a try the next time you have to get a haircut. The person cutting your hair will be learning, but they will usually be progressed far along in their training program and will be supervised by a licensed professional. The savings offered by going to a beauty training school can be quite substantial.

Discounts for Learning

Beauty training schools offer a full range of heavily discounted services including perms an hair color treatments, and we all know how much they can cost at the salon. Over the course of a year you can easily save hundreds of dollars by skipping the salon for haircuts and other services.

If you can’t bring everyone in your family on board for trying out the beauty training schools, you might consider this solution for all the males in your households. It’s much less difficult to actually mess up a male haircut, and many males particularly boys aren’t too fussy about haircuts whereas for your teen daughter it might be another matter entirely.

Know the Schedule

Keep in mind that beauty schools will usually only offer haircuts and other services one day a week, so this option will only work for you if you don’t have a conflict or prior appointment on that day. I urge you to try a beauty school for your next haircut before you discount it as an inferior option.