The Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer

What do we think of the Garden Groom trimmer? Find out!

If you look up the Garden Groom hedge trimmer online, you’ll find plenty of opinions. Some people think it’s the greatest thing since the lawnmower; others hate it with a passion. From a more objective standpoint, then, does the Garden Groom trimmer actually do what it’s supposed to — which is, trim hedges easily without making a big mess?

Product Overview

If you have hedges, you already know that trimming by hand is time consuming to say the least. There are a lot of electric hedge trimmers on the market, and that speeds things up. The Garden Groom, though, sets itself apart for two main reasons:

1. Safety: The Garden Groom boasts a number of safety features that make it more practical for everyday use, and

2. Cleanliness: The Garden Groom doesn’t just trim hedges: it compacts the mess and stows it in an attached bag, eliminating clean up.

The Pros

Generally speaking, the Garden Groom trimmer does exactly what it promises. It neatly and quickly cuts through hedges and quickly and efficiently compacts the resulting mess. This is probably it’s biggest selling point. If you hate crawling around gathering branches after trimming, you will absolutely love this feature of the Garden Groom.

In terms of safety, the Garden Groom also stands above the crowd. The blade is hidden, making it extremely difficult to slip up and cut yourself — a very real danger with other electric trimmers, even those with safety features (and that’s pretty much all of them).

The Cons

Although the Garden Groom is relatively light (about eight pounds), some people find that a difficult weight to support for extended periods, and it certainly makes higher trimming difficult without a ladder.

In addition, many people write a Garden Groom review in which they complain that the trimmer lacks power. In fact, it has more than enough power to do what it’s supposed to do — which is to say, trim hedges. However, some people want a more multipurpose tool that will cut through thicker branches, and those people will find the Garden Groom a disappointment.


So what’s the final verdict? The Garden Groom is a great hedge trimmer, reasonably powered, very safe, and incredibly easy to clean up after. If that’s what you’re looking for, then the Garden Groom is definitely the tool for you.