The Importance of Winter Preparation

Don’t Forget Annual Winter Preparation for Your Home

While you are busy getting ready for fall and changing your seasonal wardrobe, don’t neglect the importance of winter preparation. Winter preparation is an important component of maintaining a healthy and enjoyable home. Winter preparation might not be a high priority on your to-do list, but you should reconsider its importance. September is the perfect time to begin preparing your home for winter and thinking ahead right now can save you money later on.

What You Need

Winter preparation involves a few important tasks and you don’t want to neglect them. It is very important that you get your furnace checked and your vents and fireplace cleaned at this time of the year. Furnaces that aren’t properly cleaned and maintained could contribute to carbon monoxide poisoning in the home. Oftentimes, carbon monoxide might be present at low levels and can present a danger to pets and small children, but not necessarily adults. It is very important that a qualified expert check your furnace for leaks before you start using it. If you neglect to have your furnace checked annually, you are putting yourself and your family at risk due to the possible dangers a neglected furnace can present.

Clean That Fireplace!

Another important part of winter preparation involves having your fireplace cleaned by a qualified professional. If your fireplace is dirty with soot or tar, it is a potential fire hazard. Creosote builds up from use and can become flammable so routine cleanings are an important component of fire prevention.

Get started on your winter preparation now and schedule to have your furnace, vents and fireplace cleaned soon. Many people procrastinate and rates usually go up in October so take advantage of September savings. In December, you will be glad that you planned ahead and took care of these very important responsibilities.