The Latest Survey Scam

Make Sure You Don’t Fall For the Latest Survey Scam

You receive an email saying you’ll receive a $250 gift card for simply answering a short survey. You figure, what do you have to lose, after all, their only asking for information on your thoughts and opinions, right? Wrong! Not only will this “survey” be a waste of your time, it will be a waste of your money.

How the Survey Scam Works

Right of the bat, the survey scam company asks for your email address, which they will gladly sell to the highest bidder so get ready for spam in your inbox. Then, you go on to fill out the survey, but before you qualify for your free gift (the $250 gift card), you need to complete a few special offers. That equates to spending time and money on services or products you don’t want.

So you see you have to complete a special offer, and you do it. But now you have to complete another special offer, and another, and another. And before you know it you’ve just spent close to $100 on special offers to participate in this survey scam.

Then, when you complete enough offers to qualify for the gift, there’s no information on how to claim it so you’ve spent endless time and money to get a $250 gift card that you’re not getting. The joke’s on you.

Don’t fall victim for the survey scams. Real paid surveys won’t pay you $250 to answer a few questions, it’ll be more along the lines of $5 to $20.