The Lowdown on Get Paid to Shop Offers

Can You Really Get Paid to Shop?

You’ve probably seen the ads promising you that you can get paid to shop and if you’re looking to make extra cash, they probably seem quite intriguing. But are these secret shopper positions for real, or are they just another gimmick concocted to rob you of your hard-earned money?

You Can Get Paid to Shop

In actuality, you can get paid to shop, but you’re not going to make big bucks doing it. In fact, most secret shopping assignments pay about $10 to $20, and considering you usually have to make a purchase at the store (and that purchase often comes out of your own pocket), secret shopping isn’t usually a good source of income.

That being said, secret shopping can be fun, so if you’re just looking for a little extra cash and you have some spare time on your hands, you might want to look into secret shopping opportunities.

A Word to the Wise

If you are interested in secret shopping and get paid to shop offers, there are some things you’re definitely going to want to look out for. As with many work-at-home opportunities, there are legitimate get paid to shop offers and there are the phonies. The trick is differentiating between the two.

Never Pay to Shop

First things first — you should never have to pay to become a secret shopper. If someone asks you for money to join their secret shopper program, look elsewhere.

You Shouldn’t Have to Complete Any Online Offers to Qualify

There’s a new scam out there where you supposedly get a couple hundred dollars to go on a secret shopping spree. The trick is, you have to fill out a bunch of online offers that may cost you money in order to qualify to be a secret shopper. This is not a legitimate secret shopping opportunity and you should not participate in this type of gimmick. One girl we know completed all of the offers required, spending in excess of $100 to complete them, and never did get her $250 shopping spree. It was a scam.

That being said, there are legitimate secret shopping opportunities. If you’re interested in being a secret shopper, you might want to visit these websites:

This is a great secret shopper site that’s free to sign up with.

This is the homepage for the Mystery Shopping Providers Association. There are some great resources here.