The Lowdown on Internet Dating Sites

Do Internet Dating Sites Really Work?

It wasn’t too long after the advent of the Internet that people began using the Internet dating sites in hopes of finding their soul mates. But do Internet dating sites really work, or are they just another means for money-hungry sharks to get their hands on your cold-hard cash?

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Internet dating sites tout pretty impressive numbers. According to studies, over forty-million single adults use Internet dating sites to find romance and one site alone claims credit for more than nine-thousand marriages. With numbers like that, it appears that Internet dating sites are indeed a good place to search for your perfect match.

Not All Internet Dating Sites are Created Equal

Just like any other industry on the Web, not all Internet dating sites are created equal. When deciding on which of the Internet dating sites you should join, you want to look for a busy site that charges members a fee.

I know, I usually tell you not to pay money to join a website, but Internet dating sites are different. Internet dating sites that require members to pay a fee are more likely to have members who are serious about finding a match and these sites are also less likely to have the commonly-feared “weirdos” of Internet dating.

Also make sure any of the Internet dating sites you consider use personality profiles to help match you with the best possible partner. While the personality profiles used by Internet dating sites aren’t 100-percent accurate, they will increase your chances of finding a person that shares your interests, desires and beliefs.

If you’re one of the people who are paranoid about the people who use Internet dating sites, sign up for a site like This Internet dating site runs a background check on members who join the site. If the member has a questionable record or appears to be married, the site will cancel their membership.

A Word to the Wise

When it comes to Internet dating sites, it is definitely possible to find the man or woman of your dreams. Just be cautious before jumping into anything. The first time you meet someone face to face, do it in a public place and make sure you really know a person before pursuing a serious relationship with them.