The Lowdown on “Of The Month” Gift Clubs

Are Gift Clubs Really Worth the Dough?

The other day, I received a shipment of cheese from the DHL driver. Yes, that’s right — I said cheese. See, a friend of mine is all about gift clubs and each year when my birthday rolls around, he signs me up for one of these gift clubs and I get the gift that keeps giving all year. But are these gift clubs really worth the money, or are they just another overpriced indulgence?

More Than What’s In The Box

In all honesty, I used to think that gift clubs were overpriced. That was until I was on the receiving end of one of these packages. Not only have I received cheeses via home delivery, but I’ve also received wines, cigars and even desserts on a monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly basis.

Sound great? It was. They were some of the best gifts I’ve ever received and each time one arrived, I thought of and appreciated the person who gave the gift to me. These deliveries were more to me than shipments from the gift clubs — they were a token of my friends’ and family’s thoughtfulness.

The Right Club Makes All The Difference

If you are interested in gift clubs, it’s important to understand that not all clubs are created equal. Most of the gift memberships I’ve received have come from Amazing Clubs gift clubs. When I get shipments from this club, they are always well packaged and the shipments come with a newsletter detailing the gifts contained in the box.

In all honesty, I find the gift club newsletters as enjoyable as the gifts themselves. When I receive a shipment of cheese, I like reading about the parts of the world the cheese comes from and the histories behind the specific varieties included in the shipment. It gives more depth to the entire gift experience.

The Cost Factor

If you think gift clubs are too expensive for you, you might want to think twice. Most clubs allow you to customize your gift and you don’t have to send a full 12-month membership as a gift.

Someone I know sent their dad a “beer of the month” gift club membership last Father’s Day. They had one shipment arrive every three months for one year and the entire membership was right around $100. His father enjoyed the gift so much he’s doing it again this year.

With Father’s Day and graduation day right around the corner, you might want to consider gift clubs for your next gift-giving event.