The Lowdown on Rental Stores

Are Rental Stores Really An Option?

You’ve probably seen commercials and advertisements for rental stores. If you’re someone who suffers from bad credit or someone who likes to try furniture, electronics and appliances out before actually buying them, these rental stores may seem appealing. But is buying from rental stores a good idea or is it a bad purchasing decision?

What’s With Rental Stores?

From furniture to appliances and everything in between, rental stores have an abundance of must-have items available for rent or outright purchase. You can rent, rent to own, or outright purchase any number of items available at the stores. And to make the deals even more enticing, rental stores usually don’t check your credit and don’t require you to have a credit card in order to do business with them. Sound too good to be true? It is.

Outrageous Costs

No matter what these rental stores promise you, the fact of the matter is this — if you rent to own anything from a rental store, you’re going to pay an arm and a leg to do it. Even when rental stores offer those 90 day same as cash deals, the try to make you overlook the fact that you’re still responsible for any and all rental fees. So do yourself a favor, instead of paying ridiculous interest rates while renting to own, put money away each week for what you need and then pay cash when you have enough saved up. You could save yourself hundreds of dollars in the process.