The Lowdown on Secret Shopping

Eat out Free with Secret Shopping Opportunities

You’ve probably heard that you can make some extra cash with secret shopping. The question is, just how much cash can you make and how do you know whether or not the secret shopping opportunity you’re interested in is legitimate or not?

You Won’t Get Rich

First thing to realize is that while you can indeed make some money performing secret shopping responsibilities, you’re not going to get rich doing it. In fact, you won’t even be able to earn a halfway decent full-time income. However, with secret shopping you can score some free meals, get some free groceries and even make a few extra dollars.

The Usual Compensation

Usually, with secret shopping assignments you take on, you’re required to make a purchase. The amount of money you’re paid is usually enough to reimburse you for this purchase and sometimes have a few dollars left over.

Never Pay for the Privilege

One thing you always want to remember when signing up for a secret shopping opportunity is never, ever pay to become a secret shopper. Legitimate secret shopping companies will not charge for you to sign up with their secret shopping service.