The Lowdown on Video Games Consoles

The “big 3” broken down and described to fit your needs this holiday season

The main three video games consoles kids (and adults) drool over these days, compete for every little dollar. And then there are the portable game consoles, such as the PSP and Nintendo DS, not to mention the Gameboy. Add a few qualifiers like “advance” or “lite” and… well… huh?

With the holidays coming, a lot of people wonder what games and consoles their kids want the most. Fortunately, all of your questions get answered right now so you’ll be primed and ready for the season.

There are three main game consoles: the Nintendo Wii, the Xbox 360, and the Playstation 3. Each has its own problems and merits, so let’s consider them one at a time.

1. Nintendo Wii

Advantages: Inexpensive, lots of active games involving exercise or physical exertion, excellent family-friendly games

Disadvantages: Many gamers don’t consider the Wii a “real” console because its games are primarily aimed at young children, families, or people who don’t play a lot of video games (ie, more accessible titles). Hardcore video game players tend to give the Wii a miss.

Verdict: An excellent choice for families with school age children.

2. Playstation 3

Advantages: At the other end of the spectrum is the PS3. This is the king of video game consoles, with rich graphics, online capability, and a built-in blu ray player.

Disadvantages: The PS3 is notoriously expensive and its games tend to be very realistic, gritty, and graphic. There are a lot of games consisting of language and themes inappropriate for children.

Verdict: An excellent choice for hardcore gamers, especially college age students.

3. Xbox 360

Advantages: Xbox 360 is a nice middle of the road choice, with a decent mix of family friendly and “hardcore” gaming titles.

Disadvantages: Doesn’t have quite the graphics capability of the PS3. Also, game content can still be an issue for some families.

Verdict: A good choice for high school students or gamers who don’t want to shell out for the PS3.

With these facts in mind, decide between video games consoles this season with confidence.