The New Fitness Shoes — A Fitness Revolution… or Not

Can a pair of fitness shoes really get you in shape?

Trends come and go. Some are good — some not so good. So, what about the fitness shoes that are so hot right now? You know the ones that shape you while you walk. Do they work? Let’s find out.

Fitness shoes

Fitness shoes are hot right now. From watching the commercials of the brands that sell these shoes, you get the impression that all you have to do is walk and the shoes will almost magically give you the rear-end of the cute girl in the commercials.

I personally am a bit skeptical. From fitness equipment to supplements to shoes, one company or another is always trying to sell a ‘magic bullet’ that will get people in shape with minimal effort on their part.


Shoe makers claim lab tests show a marked increase in muscle activation due to the mini balance balls on the bottom of the shoes. Hmmmm…..this sounds logical. But according to Dr. Amadeus Mason, a sports medicine expert, this probably isn’t so.

Because the sole of the shoe isn’t flat, it causes the wearer to work harder to maintain balance. Dr. Mason states that the shoes use the technology of mini-balls in the soles. Used to rehabilitate ankles, work on balance and correct your stance, it is doubtful that this technology really does anything to build fitness and strength.

What does this mean for the shoes? It means they probably won’t work the way the commercials say they will. The new fitness shoes may not help you develop ‘buns of steel’, but have other benefits you might enjoy. You’ll notice your balance and stability improves and helps you develop core strength. And remember, anytime you put on a pair of shoes and go for a walk, you are taking the right steps toward getting in shape.

The same holds true for the summer version of the shoes called “Fit Flops”. These flip-flops might not help you get in shape but they give good support to your arches and cushion to your heels. In fact, Dr. Mason says they might just be the most comfortable pair of flip-flops you can own.

Weight loss miracle? Maybe not, but a lot can be said for a great pair of comfortable shoes. Some of these fitness shoes aren’t any more expensive than regular athletic shoes, so if you want to give them a try, go right ahead.