The New World of Online Movie Rentals

Have You Tried Online Movie Rentals Lately?

It used to be that online movie rentals meant subscribing to a service, paying a monthly fee, selecting what movies you wanted to see and then waiting a couple of days for them to arrive in the mail. Then you’d watch the movies, send them back, wait for the movie rental service to get them and send new ones out to you. Sound like a hassle? Some thought so. That’s why online movie rentals have drastically evolved over the past couple of years.

What’s Changed?

So what has changed in the world of online movie rentals? A lot. Gone are the days where the mail was your only means of getting the movies you want to see. Nowadays, consumers have a lot more to choose from.

Combo Plans

Blockbuster now offers online movie rentals with a program called Blockbuster All Access. Not only do you get to order movies online, but you can trade in the movies that come in the mail for movies at the Blockbuster store.

When you return your movies to the store and trade them in for new ones, Blockbuster still sends your next batch of online movie rentals via the postal service. That means you’re getting to see the movies you rent in the store and the movies sent via mail all for one low monthly price.

Instant Gratification

Some online movie rentals are even more convenient. You simply visit a website, pay for the movie rental you want and download it to your computer. If you’ve got a high-speed Internet connection and a way to hook your computer up to your TV, this may be the ideal online movie rental solution.

So if the online movie rentals of yesterday just weren’t to your liking, don’t give up. Try today’s online movie rental services and you may be pleasantly surprised.