The Success of the Yoshi Blade

Is it worth your money to invest in a Yoshi Blade?

The Yoshi Blade is the first knife since the Ginsu to attempt standing on its own. While most knives come in sets for versatility, the Yoshi knife relies on a totally different gimmick: the fact that it has a ceramic blade. But does that alone really make it worth paying twenty bucks for a knife?


The Yoshi Blade is a ceramic blade knife, and there are a wide variety of advantages to that. Unlike steel, ceramic cannot rust and won’t go dull. A ceramic knife is sharper than its metal counterparts, and it is very durable — you won’t ever have to sharpen knives again.

The ceramic peeler that often comes with it is equally useful. Unlike other knives, a ceramic blade knife won’t squish bread or vegetables when you try to cut through them. It’s an extremely sharp (EXTREMELY — be careful!) knife that can even slice the peel from a tomato.


The Yoshi Blade itself is a perfectly good ceramic knife, but there is a downside to ceramic knives in general. That is the simple fact that ceramic is not as strong as steel. If you’ve ever dropped a coffee mug on the kitchen floor, you already knew that. And if you drop your Yoshi knife, you’ll likely experience the exact same problem: your expensive new knife lying in pieces at your feet.


Breakage can be an issue with the Yoshi knife. You certainly have to be a little bit more careful about how you apply pressure, and I wouldn’t chuck all of your steel knives in the garbage the second it arrives. That said, however, the blade’s extreme edge means you don’t have to apply that much pressure to make it work. And while almost everyone’s broken a plate or a mug sometime, we don’t all switch to paper plates — we just try to be more careful.

Not everyone needs a ceramic knife, but the sharp edge on this one certainly makes life easier in the kitchen. If you hate to waste your time chopping and slicing, or if it drives you nuts when a loaf of bread or tomato squishes under the pressure of the knife, you’ll love the Yoshi Blade.