The War of Cable TV vs. Satellite

Which is Better? Cable TV or Satellite Reception

There is a long-standing war between Satellite reception and cable TV. However, are there really any differences between the two and if so, which one is better? When it comes to the war between Cable TV and satellite, the lines aren’t always cut and dry. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to compare the two side by side and I’ve got some answers.

Picture Quality

If you’re looking for picture quality, you might actually be better off with satellite. Why? Because many cable companies broadcast their first 100 or so channels in analog and satellite will provide you with a cleaner and clearer picture. However, when the digital channels kick in, cable TV and satellite are pretty much neck and neck. Except for high definition — if you have a high definition television satellite may be best. Satellite tends to have better high-def broadcasts.

The Channel Lineup

When it comes to cable TV and satellite, they both offer hundreds of channels. Cable TV has some channels that satellite TV doesn’t offer and vice versa. The question will be what type of programming you prefer to watch. For example, if you’re a huge sports fan, satellite TV may be your best bet.

The Price

Now, in all honesty, for most consumers, the price is the deciding factor when it comes to cable TV vs. satellite and understandably so. However, even the pricing situation isn’t cut and dry in this area.

If you are looking at cable vs. satellite for television, just television and nothing more than television then satellite is probably your best bet. While prices vary from carrier to carrier, some cable companies charge a whopping $30 per package more than comparable satellite packages.

That being said, if you’d like to combine your cable, high-speed Internet and phone services, then cable TV may be your best bet. Most satellite companies don’t offer a big discount on high-speed satellite and definitely not on phone service. However some cable companies will combine all three of these services into one low monthly bill saving you hundreds of dollars each year.

So when it comes down to it, the decision between cable TV and satellite is a personal one. It depends on your circumstances, your preferences and your needs.