The Wonderful World of Movie Download Services

Movie Download Services Save the Day

Up until recently I knew movie download services existed — they just really didn’t interest me much. Then, recently, I was looking for an old movie title that I really loved. Blockbuster didn’t have it, and neither did any of the other video stores in town. Went to the Web and figured out this movie is quite hard to get a hold of, as people are charging upwards of $50 for the DVD. I was about ready to get a crash course in the value of movie download services.

What Are Movie Download Services?

Movie download services really vary from one website to the next. Some sites are nothing more than illegal shareware operations that put you at risk of downloading viruses, spyware, malware and more.

Others, however, like the services offered by Blockbuster and Netflix are legitimate operations that allow you to download movies to your PC for a low monthly fee. Think of it as your own online movie rental store located right in your home or office.

How do They Work?

For one monthly fee you get to download a set (or unlimited) number of movies each month. Some movie download services let you keep the movies, others just offer the download as a rental. Simply click the title you want and download it to your PC.

If you have a Tivo, you can also download movies right to your television with Tivo’s Netflix service. It works almost the same way as an Internet Netflix download account, but the movies end up on your television screen instead of your computer.

Prices vary, but most movie download services cost $10 to $30 a month. If you’re used to paying $3 or $4 each time you rent a movie from the video store, the price of movie downloads can save you quite a bit of cash, not to mention the hassle of driving to and from the store to both get and return your movie rental.