There Are Garden Supplies Deals to Be Had in the Garden Centers

Now’s The Time For Garden Supplies Shopping

When I visited a local store for a few garden supplies, I was a bit disheartened to see Halloween items and back to school supplies on the shelves. That disappointment ended, however, when I saw the deals to be had on the garden supplies. If you need a few items for your garden (or will be needing them next year), now’s the time to stock up.

Garden Clearance Deals

Many of the items in the lawn and garden centers are either on sale or on clearance. You can find annuals for up to 90-percent off and I was able to get a beautiful tropical tree (which I’ll be keeping indoors) for $20. It’s regular price was well over $100.

Other deals to be had included fruit trees at 50-percent off, roses at 25-percent off, patio plants at 50-percent off, and perennials at half price. And that was just one of the stores I visited!

It’s More Than Just Plants

Plants definitely aren’t the only lawn and garden products on sale in the stores. You can get gardening tools, hoses, fountains, pond kits and more at huge savings right now. I personally stocked up on weed killer, fertilizer and got a new power-wind hose reel.

Where to Find the Deals

If you do want to get in on the lawn and garden deals, the best places to look are garden centers, home improvement stores like Lowes and Menards and even discount stores like Wal-Mart and Target have lawn and garden deals going on.

Check out the sales circulars and see what stores in your area are offering huge lawn and garden supplies discounts. Then you’ll know who is offering what and you can plan your lawn and garden savings appropriately.