There’s Something You Need to Know About Energy-Saving Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Are Energy-Saving Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Causing Your Migraines?

I have touted the benefits of energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs for quite some time now. After all, I’ll all for energy conservation and these nifty bulbs (while more expensive) use about a quarter of the juice that traditional light bulbs use. The problem is that energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs may be more trouble than they’re worth according to a new U.K. study.

A Bit of a Health Warning

If you’re prone to migraines or if you have epilepsy or lupus, energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs may be your enemy and not your energy-saving friend. Why? Because a recent study done in the U.K. has shown that these bulbs may increase migraine occurrences, trigger seizures and cause physical pain in those who suffer from lupus.

Mandatory Migraines?

The biggest problem isn’t that these bulbs cause adverse affects. The biggest problem is that you might not be able to use regular light bulbs after the year 2012. It seems that both the U.S. And the U.K. are trying to phase out traditional bulbs, which means you might have a hard time getting anything but the energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs. If you’re prone to migraines or at risk for any of the other things these bulbs can trigger, then you might be facing a problem.

Hope on the Horizon

I, personally, suffer from migraines. So this is what I’m doing (and you may want to follow suit). There is technology on the horizon that may put an end to the need for these compact fluorescent bulbs, such as LED lighting. In the meantime, I’m stocking up on the old-fashioned light bulbs. I’m filling a linen closet full of em. Hopefully by the time I run out new technology will have arrived and the compact fluorescent bulbs will be outdated.