Those Darn Gas Prices Are At It Again

What Are We Going To Do About Rising Gas Prices?

Gas prices are going crazy. We won’t get into the politics of this here. But my friends, as outraging as it may be, there are things we can do. Here are some tips to help fight the burden of rising prices at the pump.

Find Another Way

Public transportation isn’t ideal, but it’s affordable. If you can, try to take the bus to and from work or school. If you can’t manage that, then at least try to car pool. Of course, walking is a healthy and cheap idea too.

Not only will finding alternative means of transportation save you gas money, it will send a message when gas sales go down because more people are using less of it.

Look Into Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Hybrids are great. Problem is they’re not cheap and the batteries are supposed to be expensive to replace. Good news is that technology will probably get better (and cheaper) as time goes on.

I recently read about the Air Car that isn’t yet available, but hopefully will be in the future. A car that runs on air. It runs on compressed air, can go up to 500 miles on one tank at speeds of up to 68 miles per hour. That, my friends, would be ideal for city living.

Keep Your Car Maintained

Until hybrids become more economical or the air car becomes available, keep the car you have well maintained. Air filters, properly inflated tires and a tuned-up engine can work wonders. You’ll be saving fuel and extending the life of your car.