Tips for How to Save Money When Moving

Save Money and Time by Recycling Old Packing and Moving Supplies

We’re in the midst of December, and those of us with an upcoming move probably won’t be making that move until the weather warms up in Spring. However, moving isn’t a cheap endeavor and if you want to save money, you need to plan ahead. Now is the perfect time to begin your moving plans.

Become A Pack Rat

One great way consumers can save money is by reducing the money they spend on packing supplies and moving supplies. Americans are definitely more mobile than in previous generations. It’s unusual for a family to move into one house and stay there for eighteen years. Some families move several times either to buy a bigger house as their family grows or because of job opportunities located in a different area. Whatever the reason may be for moving, if you anticipate that you will be moving within the upcoming year, you might want to keep the following tips in mind. The following tips will help you save money and make your move easier.

At Christmas time, you are probably going to get a lot of packages coming into your home. Perhaps, you’ve ordered a lot of gifts over the internet. Every package that arrives at your house is going to come neatly wrapped. Recycle those packing supplies. It would be a shame for those materials to end up in a landfill after just one use. Disassemble the boxes and press them flat. Find a convenient space in your home to tuck the boxes in. That way when you go to move, you will have a lot of boxes handy. If you buy boxes at a moving company, you are going to pay a lot of money. Why spend that money if you don’t have to? Hang onto boxes and packing supplies if you anticipate an upcoming move, and you will save money by doing so.

Bubble wrap is one great packing material that you might get a lot of when you have items sent to your home. Bubble wrap can be very expensive, so it is a good idea to hold onto the bubble wrap that arrives with any orders you placed. You can save money also by using your towels and linens as padding to cushion your breakable items.

Can Your Space Accommodate It?

Keep in mind that it isn’t worthwhile to keep packing supplies if you don’t have the space to do so. If you live in a small space, then you might not have any space to store old boxes. It’s nice to save money but not if it results in a great inconvenience and unnecessary frustration.