Tips for Maintaining Your Monthly Budget

Your Monthly Budget Can Improve If You Buy Store Brand Products

One way to trim money from your monthly budget is to take a look to see what expenses you can eliminate. One easy way to trim your expenses and not exceed your monthly budget is to purchase store brand names of popular products. It’s great if you can purchase a brand name product with a coupon, but when there aren’t any coupons available, buying store brand products can allow you to enjoy extra savings. By purchasing store brand products, you’ll definitely find that you can stretch your monthly budget further.

Clean is Clean

Pantene is one popular brand of shampoo and other hair care products, but the price can certainly add up depending on how many styling products and shampoo you use each week. Many national pharmacies such as CVS, Rite-Aid, and Walgreens have their own line of shampoo and styling products that are intended to mimic Pantene. You will easily spot these products in your store by the white bottles and store brand logo. Typically, they are shelved right along side the name brand. Consider buying these items when you don’t have a coupon for the name brand ones. You will be able to stretch your monthly budget if you avoid buying the name brand ones at full price and substitute the store brand products instead. Other popular shampoo brands that have store equivalents are Finesse and Pert Plus.

A Wipe By Any Other Name…

Toilet paper is one easy item that you can replace with store brand. Face it, toilet paper is a highly disposable item that you use a lot of, so why spend extra money on the name brand when you can save some money by purchasing the less expensive variety. Pay attention to where you buy toilet paper and other needed paper products. When you don’t, you” blow your monthly budget. Unless there is a good sale AND you have a coupon, it is usually too expensive to buy your toilet paper at the grocery store. And buying toilet paper and paper towels at a home improvement store should definitely be avoided as these products are considered convenience items there and are priced accordingly.

Sometimes It Pays to Upgrade

There are some items that you might only want to stick with your name brand. These items typically include facial cleanser, razor blades, and deodorant. That’s understandable. You’re certainly not going to be able to buy store brand items for every product, and there will always be those special products where you will only be willing to purchase brand name. Overall, buying some store brand products can help you maintain a modest monthly budget.