Tips for Saving Money at the Grocery Store

Is Saving Money at the Grocery Store Possible If You Shop with Your Entire Family?

Saving money at the grocery store is possible with coupons and scouting at the grocery store sales, but there is one often overlooked way to save money at the grocery store. Leave the kids (and sometimes spouses) at home. Sad, but true, children (and sometimes spouses) can be the cause of a high total at the grocery store checkout. Saving money at the grocery store is often possible if you shop solo.

Leave the Kids at Home

Kids are experts at filling the grocery cart with high-priced (and usually not-so-healthy) foods and snacks. Take a look at your recent grocery receipts. How many boxes of sugar-laden cereal have you purchased? Bags of potato chips? Do you really need a bag of rippled, sour cream, AND barbecue chips? What about cookies? Could your 10-year-old not decide between Oreos and Chips Ahoy so he snuck both into your cart? Meanwhile, you were busy convincing your 4-year-old that she doesn’t need both Lucky Charms AND Fruit Loops?

If you struggle with staying within your grocery budget, consider going to the grocery store alone. The more people you take to the grocery store, the more sets of hands that can toss items into the cart and the higher your bill will be. Saving money at the grocery store is as simple as going by yourself and limiting the time you spend there.

Watch Where You Walk

If you have to take your children to the grocery store, there are things you can do to minimize overspending and still strive towards saving money at the grocery store. Avoid the checkout aisles that contain candy and other tempting treats. Many grocery stores have a candy-free aisle, and they label the aisle accordingly. Another way to discourage your children from adding many items to the card is to establish rules beforehand. Enlist their help when you are writing out the grocery list, have them help you clip coupons, and let them choose one item of their own when they do come along to the grocery store.

Try the above tips and you will find that saving money at the grocery store is certainly possible.