Tips on Effective Green Cleaning

Looking for green cleaning products? These candidates leave the competition in the dust

These days, green cleaning has become a pretty big deal. And no wonder — all of those harsh chemicals going down the drain can’t be good for Mother Nature. If it will corrode your skin, do you really want it in your water supply?

Even people who don’t consider themselves environmental activists turn to green home cleaning. Why? To protect themselves and their families, of course. Green cleaning products are less toxic, less dangerous, and just as effective as their chemical counterparts.

Finding green cleaning products

There are a number of easy ways to get your hands on green cleaning products, including:

1. Make your own

Go with the old standbys. When you want to do a green clean, consider using vinegar, baking soda, and soda water. These three simple household items will do a fantastic job of cleaning many items throughout your home (especially baking soda, which is something of a miracle worker). Check out some easy free household cleaner recipes.

2. Go shopping

Whether you shop online or at your local supermarket, it’s not all that difficult to find green cleaning supplies these days. Here are a few brands that are known to be trustworthy, effective, and gentle:

Eco Concepts

Eco Concepts are extremely effective green cleaners for just about everything you can imagine, from your car to your swimming pool to the laundry.

Seventh Generation

These products are often available in local supermarkets. They feature sustainable, recycled, and natural components for basic cleaning supplies, including recycled garbage bags, toilet paper, and paper towels.


Method produces a variety of useful and green cleaning supplies. One of their best is the daily shower cleaning spray. I’ve always liked the idea of just spraying the shower when you’re done and having it clean, but the idea of spraying chemicals in the place I bathe stopped me. With Method products, that’s not an issue.

Remember, doing a green clean doesn’t mean cleaning ineffectively or doing a bad job. It just means using products that are environmentally sustainable and safer for your home and family. With any of these green cleaning ideas, you’re sure to have a sparkling, safe, and happy home.