Tired of Spam?

There Is A Way to Get Back At Spammers

How many times have you woken up to countless emails in your inbox — emails you didn’t want and never asked for? Welcome to the world of spam. In my opinion, spam is the single most disgusting and obnoxious marketing method on Earth and many people who receive spam feel helpless to do anything about it. Fortunately, you can fight spammers — you just need to know how.

Report It

If you want to fight spammers, you need to know who to report them to. I personally use a completely free Web-based program that allows me to report every spam mail I receive. SpamCop.net is one of the best ways to throw a punch at spammers who keep bombing your inbox with emails. You paste the headers of the email and the email’s text into the SpamCop.net website and the website analyzes the email and determines who the abuse needs to be reported to. Then you report the spam to the domain hosts and the ISPs right from the SpamCop.net website.

It does take time to report the spam, so I usually only report spam that comes in more than once or spam that is distasteful. If you want the SpamCop.net reporting process to go more quickly, you can buy “fuel” to add to your account and it does speed up the process. The average person who chooses to buy fuel pays less than $10 a year. If you don’t mind the wait time, the service is absolutely free.

Prevent It

In addition to reporting spam, you probably want to prevent it. I’ve got a secret for this too. I use a service called SneakEmail. SneakEmail.com is a site that allows you to create “disposable” email address for free. When you need to provide your email address, you create a SneakEmail address and use that email address instead of your real address.

All email that comes to your SneakEmail address will be forwarded to your real email address, so if the company you’ve provided your email to needs to send you legitimate information, you won’t miss it. However, if you start receiving massive amounts of spam at that email address you can simply delete that address and you won’t have a problem.

I create a different SneakEmail address each time I have to enter my email address into a form on the Web. This way I know exactly who the source of the spam problem is if I do start receiving spam at that email address.

An Ongoing Battle

Fighting spam is definitely an ongoing battle, but if there is any chance at all of us responsible email users winning this spam war, we have to spend some time fighting it.