Top Tips for Driving Green

Start driving green and save money at the pumps

Many people look to save money and save the environment by going green at home. Did you also know “driving green” saves you money and helps out the environment? Read these top tips, start saving money and helping the environment today.

Cool off

Before driving off on a hot day, open your windows and doors to cool off your vehicle. Running your air conditioner increases fuel consumption and some emissions that are harmful to the environment.

Lighten up

If you use your vehicle for work, chances are you are hauling around a lot of extra weight when not working. An extra 100 pounds can decrease fuel economy by 1%.

Calm down

Aggressive driving and “jack rabbit” starts really eat up the gas and leads to much higher pollution rates. One second of aggressive driving can produce nearly the same volume of carbon monoxide emissions as a half hour of normal driving.

Shift up

If you drive a manual transmission, shift up as soon as possible. When you drive your car in a lower gear, it increases fuel use and wears on your engine.

Go easy

Hard acceleration and braking increases pollution, wastes gas, and wears on your breaks. Anticipate your stops to avoid braking hard. Instead, try coasting to your next stop.

Be a law abiding citizen

Go the speed limit. Going merely 10 mph over the speed limit increases your fuel consumption by 10%, and the rate of pollution you create increases also.

Plan ahead

By planning ahead and combining your trips or errands into one, you can greatly cut down on gas usage and pollution.

Saving money is always good. Saving the environment is better. Why not do both by following these top tips for driving green?