Travel to Atlantic City for Free!

If You’ve Never Been to Atlantic City Before, You’ll Love These Expert Tips

Can you be consumer savvy and still visit a casino attraction? Well, from what many of our readers have told us, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Below you’ll learn just how to get to one of the country’s most popular destinations for free.

What You Don’t Know Can Cost You

What many consumers don’t know is that there are ways to travel to the casino completely free of charge. It’s estimated that nearly 1/3 of the U.S. population is within a day’s drive of Atlantic City, New Jersey. In fact, many visitors to Atlantic City get there by bus.

Free Bus Fare

Many bus companies located within a three-hour drive to Atlantic City run special promotions. You’ll pay $20 for bus fare, but then you’ll get $20 back in casino coins. But what if you don’t want to gamble? That’s easy. Simply cash out your coin voucher, and put the $20 you paid for bus fare right back into your pocket.

But What is There to Do in Atlantic City?

There is a ton of fun stuff to do in Atlantic City, and much of it has nothing to do with casinos. If you’re on a bus trip for the day, you’ll usually have about five hours to yourself.

The Pier Shops at Caesars recently opened this year, and they have a wide variety of upscale shops. Inside, there is also a beautiful “water show where the fountains are coordinated with music and lights. The end result is stunning, and you can easily spend a leisurely twenty minutes enjoying this sight.

Remember the Boardwalk from Monopoly?

Well, it turns out there really is a boardwalk in Atlantic City, just like in the game Monopoly. You can walk the boardwalk for an hour or two and browse through the boardwalk shops or stop to enjoy some world-famous saltwater taffy or macaroons along the way.

It’s Spa Time

If you do want to splurge on yourself, then schedule a massage or facial at the spa, rather than have your money be devoured by noisy machines with blinking lights. There are at least a dozen spa options to choose from in any of the numerous casino spas, so pick a service that appeals to you, and sit back and relax.

Whether You Gamble or Don’t Gamble, Atlantic City is a great place to visit and you can travel there for free if you know the ropes. Look for bus specials like the one we mentioned above and make sure you let us know how your trip went!