Try a Video Swap

Revive Those Old DVDs and Videos with a Video Swap

If you are looking for a great way to provide your family with a weekend of cheap entertainment, why not consider a video swap? Take a look at your DVD or video collection. You just might be surprised at all the titles you’ve collected over the years. Wouldn’t you like to do something productive with them?

Share and Share Alike

If you’d like to clear out some of the DVD clutter in your home and you’d like a few new titles to watch yourself, ask some of your friends or neighbors if they would be interested in joining you in a video swap. Many people end up with many DVDs or videos that they rarely, if ever, watch more than once. They either overbuy or get many of them as gifts over the years. Creating a video swap allows you to make use of those never-watched videos and lets you borrow a video you might enjoy in exchange. You might have a video that doesn’t appeal to you but will be perfect for one of your neighbors. Chances are they might have something you would enjoy too.

A video swap can be a real money-saver too. Certainly, there are ways to save big on video rentals such as using an online DVD rental service, but it’s still a shame to have old DVDs and videos laying around collecting dust. A video swap provides a good way to utilize those long-forgotten DVDs.

Ask your friends, neighbors, relatives, or coworkers if they would be interested in participating. Chances are, they too, have extra DVDs that they wouldn’t mind lending to others to enjoy. You can even take the fun up a notch and host a movie night at your house. Each month rotate houses, so everyone gets a change to host a movie night.

Creating a video swap can be a great way to take advantage of products (all those videos and DVDs) that you have already purchased and enjoy the old-fashioned fun of swapping videos with friends and family.