Two Consumer Tips for Handling Holiday Rudeness In the Stores

Consumer Tips That Can Help Maintain Your Holiday Cheer

Okay, it’s Christmastime and that’s supposed to mean holiday cheer but when it comes to the stores, holiday madness is more like it. If you want some easy ways to deal with shopping rudeness (from staff and shoppers alike) then I’ve got some consumer tips that will help make your holiday easier.

Forgo the Manager Face-to-Face

What’s your first instinct when you’re treated rudely by a store employee? Ask to see the manager — right? You might want to rethink that during the holiday season.

Let’s face it… You probably don’t have a surplus of time right now and it’s pretty safe to say that retail managers are up to their neck in work too. If you ask to speak to a store manager while you’re shopping, chances are you’re going to have a long wait, which is going to suck up more time than you can spare.

Instead of asking to speak to a store manager, let the employee who was rude know that you will be reporting them and call the store manager from home when you have a minute. This allows you to address the problem without sucking up valuable time.

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

I’ve heard more than one wise person say this and they are all right — two wrongs do not make a right. If someone is rude to you in the store, don’t let it eat you by ignoring it and then dwelling later. On the other hand, don’t be rude back to the person.

So how do you handle it? Simply state that their behavior (whether it be store staff or another shopper) is inappropriate and they should work on representing themselves better in public. Remember, it’s not only what you say — it’s how you say it. A pleasant voice makes all the difference.

Holiday shopping has seemed to get worse over the years. These consumer tips can help you navigate some of the unpleasantness you might run into during the last shopping days of the season.